Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal Service

We enjoy taking our pets for rides, but dislike the shedding.

Many of our customers own pets that regularly ride in their vehicles. Over time, pet hair can begin to pile up, weaving its way deep into the upholstery, carpets and crevices in a way that makes regular vacuuming ineffective for removing it. A few times a year you will want to have the pet hair removed, especially, if you are planning to sell your vehicle in the near future. Many people have allergies to pet hair and dander that will be a deal breaker when they are looking for a new vehicle.

For this purpose, we offer simple add-on service for our detailing packages that removes pet hair from your vehicle, bringing it back to a like new condition.

Here is how we do it.

What’s Involved?

We begin by vacuuming the entire interior of the vehicle as we normally would to get the surface dirt and hair out of the way so we can effectively deep clean the upholstery. Then, we use a commercial grade Steam Vacuum Cleaner to deep clean via superheated steam, disinfect surfaces and completely remove any left-over pet hair remaining on carpets, seats, console, headliner and in between passenger areas to loosen and remove the deep-seated hair.

Lastly, if required. We shampoo all of the upholstery to remove any pet odors that might be lingering and to bring the color of the fabric back to its original brilliance.

Pet Hair Removal FAQ
How much time is required to complete the Pet Hair Removal
Adding on the pet hair removal service can add 1-3 hours to the detailing, depending on the severity. Plan for an extra hour for moderate pet hair coverage, and more for extreme or full car coverage.
Are there ever extra charges?
The pet hair removal service starts at $80 and goes up to $110. This depends on how big the coverage is (whole car vs. just the cargo bay) and the severity of the pet hair damage. We conduct a pre-cleaning inspection and advise you of our quote. In some cases, you can send us a short video of the vehicle to be cleaned.
Do I need an appointment?
You sure do! Just give us a call or send us an email at and we can let you know when we are available to complete your pet hair removal service.