Interior Steam Cleaning reduces spreading germs and maintains your interior.

Interior Steam Cleaning reduces spreading germs and maintains your interior.

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Steam cleaning has become the best solution to sanitize car interiors and exteriors and is changing the entire car wash industry around the world. There are many factors that have contributed to this change: the excessive water consumption of a pressure washer, the prohibition of aggressive chemicals and the need to reduce the amount of effort and time spent.

Steam cleaning is used to clean interiors, sanitize air conditioning vents, degrease engines and even wash the bodywork of entire cars. Car washes that do not use steam cleaning usually waste 100 to 150 liters of water to clean the bodywork of a single car. With WEWYW Car Wash professional steam and vacuum generators you use less than 8 liters of water for each individual car: a 93% water saving. Not bad, right? We are trying to save our planet with many small, good gestures and avoiding waste is a great starting point.

Vehicle interior sanitization, for a pleasant car to drive is essential. Sanitizing the interior of a vehicle eliminates dirt and bad smells. Above all, it allows to eradicate mites, molds and bacteria that lurk in fabrics or in the air conditioning system.

Various mites and bacteria inside the car can cause dust allergies, respiratory problems and headaches. These symptoms are accentuated in winter when the windows are often closed, without adequate air circulation and when the heating is switched on. Properly sanitizing the interior of a car is a fundamental operation for our health to be repeated periodically.

If dogs and perhaps even children travel in the car, it is strongly recommended that the interior of the vehicle be sanitized using steam cleaners often.

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